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about me

i am tiffany hope.



I grew up in beautiful San Diego, California. I have a heart for Mexico, India and the nations. I am an auntie to the most precious kiddos in the world, I love Jesus and I am passionate about music and photography. 

Some things you may not know about me:

1. I am a professional concert goer. Well, sort of.
2. I graduated from the best university in the nation, Baylor University. sic em bears!
3. I am passionate about tacos, wildlife Wednesday t shirts, anything acid wash and good coffee.

 I find such joy in being able to tell stories, to CAPTURE God’s HEART in all the little details of creation with my photography. I also have a passion for journeying into the world, for seeking out the beauty of God’s creation- in the mountains and rivers, in a child’s precious face, or in the simple act of just getting to know someone of a different culture.

God's love has so transformed me,

he is sending me into the world,

to share this love with his people.

To laugh with them. To cry with them.



Thanks for journeying with me.