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Thanks for journeying with me! 

adventures in luaus.

Tiffany Lambert

God used a luau to challenge me and it was awesome:


This weekend I got to check out and shoot the Island Breeze luau!

If you’re ever on the Big Island this is a must see luau, it’s epic!



Photography is hard. When it all comes down to it I have no idea what I’m doing. Like really, NO idea. They have given us amazing classes on it and I have learned so much, but it takes a while and a lot of experience for everything to become second nature, and I still have a long ways to go. I sometimes find myself getting impatient and wanting to have everything figured out. As the lecture phase of DTS comes to an end, and I leave for Asia in 18 days, a mix of anxiety and excitement is setting in.


For my final group project for PHOTOGENX we are doing a series of photos on Hawaiian culture. A dear family friend allowed my group to shoot the luau- for our project and in the hopes of getting some pictures for them to use on their website.


It was an amazing luau: the food was delicious, the scene was gorgeous, the dancing was awesome… but I was so nervous!


I absolutely love photography but when pressure is involved it stresses me out. I was resolved not to do that during the luau. I really wanted to get amazing photos for the project and website, but it was such a challenge for me. So many factors worked against my favor:  I had a memory card stop working, my other memory card was full, it was dark, the dancers moved so fast, I had to stay out of the way of the audience, the list goes on and on. But God gave me grace.


It felt like God had thrown me into the ocean

without knowing how to swim and said: “just go for it.”


Gasping for air I survived, figuring out how to tread water. God brought me through it and it was such a cool experience! I made it through the night with some photos that I am truly proud of.

Before the luau, as i walked with god, I reserved to give up the pressure I’ve felt to prove that I am any good at this, the pressure to be known as an amazing photographer.

In reality this gift is all about glorifying God, it is really not about me at all.

What God taught me through this experience is: it doesn’t matter if we are perfect at what he is asking us to do, or if we mess up, all that matters is that we are willing.

I took hundreds of photos at the luau and I am probably only happy with a small portion of them, but I did it!


For what he challenges us to: there is grace.


We are meant to find joy in the learning, even in the times when you trip and fall on your face. These times are always better than sitting idly, letting life pass us by. God’s original design for us was one of boldness and courage, one of security in the fact that God is truly faithful in all things, in all situations that he calls us to. God used the luau to challenge me, to push me to rely on Him and not my own abilities.

I will choose to claim this boldness in the future!


“For God has not given us a spirit 

of fear and timidity, but of

power, love and self-discipline.” 

2 Timothy 1:7