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Thanks for journeying with me! 

another day at the office.

Tiffany Lambert


  Providing for 6 kids in the environment of stifling poverty is a life I cannot wrap my mind around. I work with families in poverty all the time, and each and every time I am blown away by how they get by with so little.

  Now factor in a father with severe and crippling diabetes, a daughter with schitzophrenia and another daughter who is deaf and mute. Elida, the mother, supports her sick husband and her two disabled daughters (the other four kids are grown and on their own) by working in a furniture factory 6 days a week. She makes a wopping 70$ for 6 full days of work. Yes you read that right: ONLY 70 DOLLARS! With her husband being unable to work and 12$ of her salary going towards transportation to and from her job at the factory, the family must live off of about 58$ a week. Subtract land payments and medicine for the family and I can’t even come to understand how they eat or survive. Let alone how they manage to smile so sweetly or exude joy the way they do. The Rios Pachecho family is beautiful. And despite all the challenges they face, they love and care for each other through it all.


    Living as a missionary without support right now I find myself worrying or thinking about money. How will I have enough money to eat out with my friends, or have any kind of life on my days off. As I got to know this beautiful family, I fell in love with them and I learned from them. I saw such a joy and a light in their eyes. I saw them how God views them as children made in his image. How could I be so lucky to be a part of blessing them with a brand new beautiful home? How could I be so selfish to worry about myself being comfortable when I get to meet people content with so little? Or that this is just another day at the office for me?


    The second day of the build I kept getting emotional. I am a Lambert so there is no surprise there. Part exhaustion but majority an overwhelming feeling of God’s faithfulness. A feeling of security in being where God has called me and excitement for what I get to be a part of. I get to not only help meet people’s physical needs but be a part of a tangible example of God’s love for His children. God cares about the details of our lives, and He desires to walk with us in what we’re going through. He is not a creator who steps back and just watches while administering a hard set of rules. He is a father who desires personal relationship, who is slow to anger and quick to love us where we are at, and through it all.


   I get to be a part of God meeting these people where they are at and telling them about just how much He loves them. That is my day at the office- how cool is that? I am challenged to not focus on how tired I feel or a desire to sleep in because God has a lot for me if I would stop thinking about myself long enough to actually notice it. My job is one adventure after another, but it's not really a job, it's a calling. It is absolutely exhausting and utterly fulfilling. I cannot wait to see where else God takes me on this adventure. 



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