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Thanks for journeying with me! 

being a missionary, what my life looks like right now.

Tiffany Lambert


Being a missionary: what my life looks like right now.

-It's being in awe, every single day, of the picture God paints through the sunsets overlooking the ocean.

-It’s crossing the busiest international border in the world, sometimes multiple times a day.

-It’s setting out chips and salsa and decorating the table with a sombrero to welcome people to serve in Mexico.

-It's getting to know who God is, and learning about his unfailing love for me.

-It’s going to the streets of downtown Tijuana and meeting with people where they are at, talking and praying with them.

-It’s hosting a team with Homes of Hope and watching not only the life of the family receiving the home change, but seeing the life of the volunteers impacted in amazing ways.

-It’s waking up at 6 am to work as a barista in the café, so that teams can have their caffeine fix before they head out to bless the families.

-It’s making room keys and checking them to make sure people have a comfortable place to rest after a long day at the worksite.

-It’s meeting amazing people from all over the world.

-Its playing soccer for hours, until I am unbelievably sore the next day.

-It’s going out for street tacos as often as possible. I like my tacos “con todo sin cebolla”

-It’s wiping off the counter at reception ten times a day because it seems to stay dusty no matter what I do.

-It’s taking out the trash and making mass amounts of coffee.

-It’s climbing up a scary wooden ladder to help install dry wall in a drug rehab center.

-It’s walks through the red light district, praying and worshipping and sharing hope with the men and women that are lost.

-It’s spending time in prayer for our campus, for the city of Tijuana, for the nations.

It’s working so hard that I am exhausted, and so fulfilled because serving God is serving someone so much greater than myself.