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Thanks for journeying with me! 

lights always shine brightest in the darkness.

Tiffany Lambert

My week in Hong Kong felt like a whirlwind.


It felt like I had been transplanted into a whole new world. Hong Kong is unlike any other place I’ve been before and sometimes I felt like I was on a different planet.

It’s a huge city on the ocean, with a crazy awesome skyline, surrounded by rolling green hills. 

The YWAM base we stayed at is in an 850 year-old village, the oldest in Hong Kong. The base is outside of the city so that felt like a whole other world in its self, drastically different from the feel of the city center. The base is definitely a light in the darkness, surrounded by 14 temples just within the area. You can't even go ten steps outside of the gates of campus and you run into an ancestral worship temple.

The darkness was very heavy in that area.
During our time in Hong Kong we spent a lot of time in prayer for the city and the people there. A very small percentage of people are Christians and even fewer truly know Jesus. One night we did a prayer walk through a few of the red light districts in the city. Aside from praying and worshipping in these districts we also had a photo assignment to take pictures of the area and the signage for an awareness campaign that the YWAM base is putting together. I can’t even tell you how many “massage” places are in a three-block radius. Besides those places, there are thousands of “one woman brothels” running out of apartments near by. Yet as we prayed and worshiped in those streets, I didn't feel despair, I felt hope. God gave me an incredible sense of his holiness and love. I don’t need to be enveloped by the darkness in these areas because His light is always stronger.

It may seem impossible to see the demand for human trafficking and prostitution significantly lessened or even eradicated, but I serve a God that doesn’t even have the word impossible in his vocabulary. It's not a question of if these things will happen, but when. I will choose to focus on His light, to be a part of bringing His light into these dark places, in bringing His hope to the hopeless.

I cannot afford to live in reaction to darkness.

If I do, darkness has a role for setting

the agenda for my life. The devil is not worthy

of such influence, Even in the negative.

Jesus lived only in response to the father.

i must learn to do the same. 

..|| Bill Johnson.

We are now in Thailand and getting ready to do more red light district ministry. I cannot help but be pumped about what God is going to do during this time. My heart is so broken for these men and women, but I have hope. God gives life, binds up the broken hearted and I get to be a part of seeing this happen.
Our time in Hong Kong was really a transition week into the overall outreach. 


We learned  Alot:

we learned what it’s like to really live and work as a team and as a family.

We learned that you really need Jesus to get you through every day.

We learned what it’s like to come to your team for prayer and support when you feel like you’re losing it.

We also learned what it’s like to sweat our faces off.

You name it- week one was a big learning week for us and I am excited for what the rest of this beautiful adventure has in store.