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Thanks for journeying with me! 

something about a woman.

Tiffany Lambert

Something about a woman:


Our first ministry location in Thailand is working at a house for trafficked boys and at risk girls. In the afternoons we teach English to the boys, do music/worship and bible study. In the evenings we teach English to the girls and one night a week we do a bible study with them. I have grown to love these kids. God has given me a glimpse of His love for them, His heart breaks for them, and  He is here in the midst of the brokenness and the frustration. 

At times I felt myself slipping into despair. thoughts that I’m not doing enough, I can’t possibly make a difference, soon I will be gone from this place and no impact will have been made, came creeping in. These discouraging lies almost gained a foothold into my life. Almost. I could choose to believe these lies, or I can choose to hold onto hope. I choose to fight for hope. hope is my middle name after all. As my favorite verse says:

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess

because He who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:23


I know that I serve a God of redemption, a God of restoration. I may not be able to see the final product but I am a part of planting His seeds. As I was able to love these kids these two weeks, to speak life into them, to speak to them on the wonder of God’s love for them, to laugh with them, to get to know them, seeds were planted. And the amazing part is I don’t have to worry about what happens after I leave, God was here before I got here, and He will be here after I leave. Always loving these kids, always fighting for them, always pursuing.

  I got the sweet honor to be a part of his pursuing them during this time, and that is something that I will cherish.


 I get to teach on TRUE WOMANHOOD For the girls. Let me tell you this is such a big and overwhelming topic. When I felt like I was meant to share on this I kept panicking and wanting to get out of it, who am I to know what a true woman is? But God gently nudged me deeper into the subject. Despite growing up in a Christian home and knowing logically that my identity and my value come from being made in the image of God, there are so many external factors distracting girls today from this revelation that got to me. Magazines, TV, movies, commercials, pretty much all of popular culture distracts us from embracing our true identity. Popular culture tells me I need to be perfect, to be sexy, to gain my value in attention from males. It tells me I need to fit a mold of what it determines, in order to feel valued or loved.


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;


Psalm 139:14


Yeah yeah, everybody knows this verse. But how many women actually let it sink in, live by it, breathe by it? How many women actually live how God created them to be, not by how society demands?


With the girls I talked about the story of Martha and Mary from Luke chapter 10. Mary gets frustrated that Martha is not helping her serve. Martha has spent her time kneeling at the feet of Jesus, taking him in. While the serving that Mary does is important, Jesus tells Mary that Martha has chosen what is better. Martha chose to spend precious time in the presence of Jesus. Our jobs,  ministry, or even life,  what ever it may be, are never to be valued over actual intimate time with the Lord. From a place of intimacy with the Lord, We can  take a hold of and live out our true identiy.


I want to be the kind of woman who values intimacy with God, a woman who fears the Lord. i want to be A woman who has a reverence for the things that are on the Lord’s heart: wisdom, love, and gentleness. i want to be A woman who recognizes that God’s works are wonderful, and that I am one of those works.


I’m done with living under the identity and the lies that society has forced on me. I’m done believing that I need to succeed to be valued, or that anything else but God determines my worth. I will choose to live and breathe by the fact that I am made perfect, precious, unique and chosen by the Lord. I will choose to love others in a transformational way. I will choose to live so comfortable with who god made me to be, allowing people to be comfortable with who God made them to be. i will choose to spend time kneeling at the feet of Jesus.


God made women beautiful- but not in the way that many of us have believed. It’s time for women to start being brave, to live by the truth and not blindly accept the lies that are forced on us. It’s time for us women to be the women who wake up to the truth. It’s time for us to be so confident in who God made us to be, that we don’t waste our days finding acceptance in the things of this world. but instead become women who choose to bodly  be who God wants us to beTo extravagantly spend our time at the feet of Jesus.


choose this with me.


“The world has enough women who know how to do their hair, it needs women who know how to do hard and holy things. The world has enough women who are trying to do it all,

spending everything they’ve got to be found in a crowd.

It needs more who are willing to do the only thing that is necessary,

spending time at His feet, being found and known by Him.”

-Ann Voskamp