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Thanks for journeying with me! 

what the heck am i doing here?

Tiffany Lambert

Ever wonder what the heck I’m actually doing in Hawaii?


Yes I get to adventure on the weekends, yes it is an absolutely gorgeous place to live, but IT’S REALLY ABOUT DISCIPLESHIP.


I’m here to receive training as a missionary before I take the leap into full time missions in September. In September I will be staffing the Compassion in Action dts in Tijuana, Mexico with YWAM San Diego/Baja.


But for now this season in Hawaii is about growing and maturing in Christ, it’s about being wrecked for the ordinary, it’s about realigning myself with His plans and purposes for me, which are so much better than my own ideas by the way. YWAM runs these training schools all over the world, so I could have gone anywhere but there is something about my specific DTS i was drawn to.  


Besides covering the usual topics such as hearing God’s voice, identity and so on, PHOTOGENX DTS equips us with media training so that we can go out and communicate the issues on God’s heart using photography: to give a voice to the voiceless, and to co-create with God using our art for His glory. I love this ministry. My passion for photography is not meant to be meaningless, it can now be used for a purpose!


We have class lectures on a specific topic each week during the mornings. the afternoons and some evenings are for small group, worship, prayer and intercession  and Fridays are media training days. My work duty is hospitality, which is so fun. i get to make brownies to bless staff and speakers and serve at a dinner one day a week.


Needless to say I am busy. It is not always easy to take everything in. But I am here being equipped.

In a few short months, 5 days after my own DTS graduation, I will be in Mexico helping disciple and love on a whole different group of people going through dts.


A few of the things I have learned so far:

-how much God never stops loving us

-how a great need for love and relationship is engrained in us because we are created to fulfill it by relationship in Christ

-how sin doesn’t cause God to flee from us, it causes us to flee from him but he will never stop pursuing us.

-how we are not meant to live in sin and shame, but in freedom- we have to claim this freedom!


I am now halfway through the lecture phase of my DTS, in about a month and a half I will be off to Asia for outreach. The majority of our time will be spent in Thailand, doing bar ministry with prostitutes, working in a restoration center for people coming out of prostitution, and working in an orphanage. i am so excited for this outreach, i have a huge heart for women who are trafficked and stuck in prostitution and i cannot wait to communicate God's love to them.


Please keep me in your prayers as this season is huge for me:

 as I take in all God has for me, prepare for outreach and the future.

I have an intimidating leap into full time missions ahead of me, but I am so excited! As of now I do not have enough support to live off of once September rolls around.  I don’t know where this support will come from but what I do know is God is beyond faithful.  since He is asking me to enter into full time missions I know he will provide.