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Thanks for journeying with me! 

i'm not that young.

Tiffany Lambert

Do you ever wake up and realize in many ways you have been waiting around for life to happen to you instead of living fully in the season you are in?

Once I get married I will finally be ready for my calling.

Once I have a family, then life will really start.

Once I get that dream job or that promotion, my life will be under way.

Once I am older people will start taking me seriously.

I’m not that young, I’m almost 24 years old. I’ve traveled to 24 different countries and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful and broken people transformed by God’s love all over the world. God has done so much in me and for me. I’ve come to know His unrelenting love and His unconditional grace. He is grooming me and growing me in leadership, and He has proved faithful in my life time and time again. Yet I often wake up and find myself waiting around. I realize I am waiting around to be of age to accomplish the dreams God has placed on my heart.

This is wrong, it is all wrong. My dear fellow youth, this is so far from God’s heart.

I’m not that young, but every so often I let my age or my circumstances hold me back and then I feel God nudge me:

You are missing the point. You have so much to give, so much to accomplish, so much purpose. Why limit what I created you to be?

While we all have unique and intricate callings over our lives as individuals, our ultimate purpose lies in knowing God and being known by Him. After and out of loving Him comes the next part: loving our neighbor. This a calling on your life regardless of what your age is but I believe this revival, this love as an action and not as a feeling, must start with us youth. We must love others and serve in humility, for love covers a multitude of sins. This pure and humble love, this sacrificial love, it drives the enemy crazy and I want to be apart of it. 

God is raising up a generation of youth. A generation who won’t wait around for their calling to happen to them, to fall into their laps or for it to be laid out on a silver platter. A generation who will stop believing the lie that they will be more useful or more suited to serve God later on in life.

It is simple: we are called now, we are suited now, we are equipped now.

We are equipped, BECAUSE we are called. It is not about age or race or gender. It is about relationship with a living breathing God. It is about walking out the giftings that God has already given us, the gifts that He is developing as we speak.


— 1 TIMOTHY 4:12

What we must do is take forward the wisdom of our elders and God breathed inspiration given directly to us to bring His kingdom on earth. The time is now, you are never too young. Don’t spend forever analyzing your calling, or waiting for an angel of the Lord to come down and give you specific instructions on what to do next.

Wherever you are, wherever God has placed you, don’t let your age hold you back. God has already given you the blueprint: know Him and be known by Him, love radically and sacrificially, embrace the adventure. God wants to move in this generation, but we have to choose to move along side him.


You’re not that young.