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Thanks for journeying with me! 

mission: let the slaves be set free.

Tiffany Lambert

I am on a mission,

want to join me?

Unfortunately, slavery is a reality in our world today. Hidden in plain sight, almost everywhere you go there are slaves. On a daily basis, thousands of people all over the world endure things more appalling than you could ever imagine. Men, women, and even children are trafficked for the purpose of sex, abused and repeatedly sold for profit. Forced labor slaves work under back breaking, unhealthy and abusive conditions. Many are never saved out of this kind of slavery. Through YWAM I have had the privilege of doing ministry in several different red light districts all over the world. I have witnessed this reality first hand, I know some of its victims and I am passionate about seeing them set free. If I could walk straight into the red light district of Tijuana, Mexico right now and bring all of those ladies home with me, I would do it in a heart beat.

I may not be able to save every single women caught in human trafficking and exploitation, but I will continue to pray for them, interceding on their behalf. I will continue to go to them, be a friend and share God's love. It means something. You have to start with little steps to get to long distances.

To see the captives set free, that is what I dream about.

You see, if I were a slave I would want someone to fight for my freedom, to set me free; but the amazing part is this: I already was a slave, and I already have been set free. 

A whole different type of slave, but a slave nonetheless. 

I was a slave to sin, drowning in guilt and shame. Weighted down by anxiety and fear of man, trying to be independent and self sufficient and failing miserably. You see, you and me, we need a savior. We are so utterly lost without one. 

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
— Romans 6:23

I was enslaved to sin, but by Christ I have been set free. I not only now have freedom, I have hope, I have a future! I refuse to keep that gift hidden for myself. It is my duty to share this gift with others. There are so many out there who do not know or understand this gift of freedom. So many slaves out there who have the opportunity to be freed, they just do not know it yet. This is where we come in, this is our mission.

MISSION: a strongly felt aim, ambition or calling.

There is such a power in the idea of missions: in laying down your life and rights in order to be a vessel, filled up by the spirit of God and poured out among the nations. If you have accepted Christ in your heart, this is your mission. This is your calling: to go, to make disciples of nations, to help set the captives free, to be transformed and transform nations. Whether this takes place in the business sphere or the arts, working in a grocery store, in education, being a mom, or being a missionary out in the nations. We are all missionaries and must be intentional with our mission. We must not sit idly by, hiding the precious gift of freedom we have received. We must take on this calling, we must share what Jesus has done for us. People's freedom is at stake.

I was a slave, I have been set free. For me, the mission looks like this: going into all the nations and sharing the love of Christ, doing red light district ministry bringing God's light into the darkest of places, and training up and discipling creative media missionaries in the areas of photography and communications. 

What does the mission look like for you?

There are slaves depending on you.