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Thanks for journeying with me! 

I've got amnesia.

Tiffany Lambert

I’ve got amnesia and I’ve got it bad. 

God speaks promises, encouragements over me and the minute things get hard I begin to lose sight of those promises.

I forget, I lose my memory.

God provided a family friend who would pay for my entire education at the university of my dreams: Baylor University. Rent, tuition, books and food all four years, all completely covered. I am forever grateful for the experience and the growth, the community and the adventures I had at that place. 

When I didn’t have time to raise full time support because I jumped right in to working with Discipleship Training Schools full time, God provided for all my needs and more, pulling together a ministry team around me to support me financially and in prayer. I didn’t lack anything.  But the minute I have a greater need financially as a missionary I start to stress about how it will be covered. 

God is faithful, so why can’t I remember that? 

It is a cycle:

God provides, God is faithful.                                        Time of testing. Amnesia.

God speaks truth and life over me.                             That word gets challenged. Amnesia. 

God calls me to something. I walk towards it.             It gets tough. Amnesia. 

I’m so done with forgetting. The character of God is not changing, so why would I think otherwise? He is ever faithful, ever good, ever loving, ever merciful and ever sovereign. Period.

The more I have amnesia the less I have my feet planted on the solid rock of Christ, and the easier it is for satan to push me over.

I’m done forgetting, I will stand firm.