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i'm in the business of busyness, with all the rest.


Thanks for journeying with me! 

i'm in the business of busyness, with all the rest.

Tiffany Lambert

rest: i’ve realized something lately- it makes me uncomfortable. i usually keep myself busy and busier until i get burnt out. healthy rest is not something i really know how to do & the Lord is challenging this in me, big time. but what does it mean to rest, and why is it important? 


sometimes I feel like we are all just running around like chickens with our heads cut off. busy, running around, and usually without direction. we take pride in our busyness as if it is some type of accomplishment, a medal of honor. in reality, our to do list will always be there, so why don't we take more time to simply be still with God? often times, rest can be seen as a weakness, but someone who is at rest is secure in their identity, at peace in their surroundings and confident in their calling. being at rest in fact, is a strength. we can learn to rest when we learn to trust God with our everything.


when we never stop, never slow down to even breathe, we can ignore the things that God intends to be doing in us, & miss out on the things he is speaking. even when i have days off, i’ve found, i usually go back to work the next week feeling unrested. why? because spending all my down time in mind numbing activities, shout out to netflix, isn’t really taking space to breathe, it's simply a different kind of busyness. 


if we are not careful, it can be so easy to take identity in what we do, rather than who we are.  we can strive and work and run after titles, feeling important when we have responsibility. i don’t know about you, but i can be guilty of this. why do we feel that we have something to prove? in God’s eyes we do not, the enemy however, wants us to believe otherwise. as much as we all want to believe this, busyness does not equate to importance. 

our importance does not come from our accomplishments, our titles, our awards, how many friends we have or how much money we make. that's obvious right, yet somehow we end up living out of that place. our importance, our very value, comes simply from being children of God, created in his image and with specific purpose; this is what must determine how we live.

God loves you because you are his child. & because He loves you so very much, he wants to be with you, it is as simple as that. 


in all honesty, i am still figuring out what this whole rest thing looks like. i know it can look different for everyone. God has taken me from a season of so much responsibility & of juggling different roles to almost the exact opposite. I have more time now and I am faced with a challenge- do i rush to fill my time with the first activities i can find, or do i practice rest? 

I am choosing to opt out of the business of busyness. i’m choosing rest, & i’m learning how to be still. i don’t need to be leading, busy, active, or running at all times, for i am loved by God.