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(good) grief.


Thanks for journeying with me! 

(good) grief.

Tiffany Lambert


To my dearest grandpa Jim: 

I wish I had told you how funny you were,                                                                                         or how precious your smile was when you would laugh. 

I wish I had told you how much I admired you for working so hard to provide for & raise 8 kids.

I wish you could still be there someday at my wedding                                                                   to cut in during the father daughter dance. 

I wish I had told you how much I admired your faith & passion.

I wish we could play King’s Corners just one more time. 

I wish I had told you thank you for raising my dad, for molding him into a man of character,       for giving him your humor & for allowing him to dream big dreams.

I wish I had made sure you knew that you were the best grandpa a little girl could ask for. 




There are so many things I wish, but this I know-

You are made whole again, free from pain & hurt.

You are with Jesus now & that gives me hope.