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the one with the live chicken.


Thanks for journeying with me! 

the one with the live chicken.

Tiffany Lambert


Meet Justine. 

Justine is a miracle. She was struck by lightning and doctors expected that she would never be able to walk again. I met her 2 years ago when I was in Uganda, just a few months after the lightning hit, she was walking. Her biggest prayer request was a home for her and her children. We prayed with her and went on our way but I had to go see her again. We made the hike back up the mountain and were welcome with open arms. We learned more about her. A few years before, her husband was hit by a car and killed. She takes care of her 6 kids and her mother in law. They live in sub par conditions and don't have easy access to a water, but what I remember most is feeling in awe of her, because of her incredible joy in spite of difficult circumstances.

We got to spend time with her and her kids, and that day on the mountain, she accepted Jesus into her heart. She sent us down the mountain with a bag of sweet potatoes and a live chicken, tied up by its feet, as a thank you. While this was a weird present for us, it was no doubt a huge sacrifice for her. 

We left Justine on the mountain that day, but she has never left my heart. Her joy and her smile, they are contagious, they stick with you.  It has been two years but I am continually reminded that she needs a home, that those kiddos need a home. So, no more waiting, we are making this happen. This. is. really. happening. This June, Justine and her family will have a home! 

The funds have been raised to cover the cost of the home (which is huuuuuge), but my goal is to raise $1000 more for a "house warming" kit to welcome her into her new home. We want to set her up with a bed and bunk beds, mattresses, a dining table, livestock, and some tools and seeds for her to grow crops. 

If you would like to be a part of welcoming Justine to her new home, you can! Join the journey with us. Click HERE to contribute!

(All donations are tax deductible, make sure you designate it to "HOH Uganda" with a note for "Justine House Kit").